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vendredi, décembre 17, 2004

Christmas, fast approaching...

4:14 pm dec 17 2004

Our 14-year-old son was so thrilled this morning for it's gonna be the last day of the premier trimester and that starting tomorrow, he's got the right to stay long enough in front of his idiot box with his PS2. Merde alors! (ok, let me translate that...Eh Shit!) But that's fine. We've just received his school report card yesterday and yes! he's got high grades and that made him number 1 in his class. So that's alright.

Christmas day is just a week away and like any other kids, ours are quite excited particularly our almost-4-year-old daughter. She's been so impatient since the day (1st of December) she started with Playmobil's Calendrier de l'Avent Veillée de Noël. There were 24 numbered boxes filled with toys attached to the calendar and she finds it so exciting opening a box everyday to add a new part to her christmas Living Room backdrop. Not only that, she even prepared her list of toys she wishes to receive, put it in an envelope addressed to Santa Claus and mailed it. Ok, I did mail it.

As I'm writing this, oohhh...I can see Santa Claus flying outside. There are gusts of wind and the dummy Santa Claus my neighbor hanged in his terrace just flew away! Poor Santa. *sniff* I think he broke his neck. I can also see my empty flower pots blowing around in the wind. It's raining and the wind blows (at least) 120 kms/hour. That's too much for the Green Giant. That's why he didn't take his motorcycle to work. Intelligent decision.

Mince! can't have a lie-in tomorrow for tomorrow's gonna be a very busy day for me. Since most of the department stores are closed on Sundays, I've got to rush around for I still have lots of things to buy before Christmas (that's if my wallet permits me, hehe...). I don't know why but when it comes to Christmas shopping I always (seem to) wait for the last minute.I hope I won't get involved in one of those stupid fights. Two weeks ago, there's this department store that was giving 50 percent off on toys. Even the most expensive ones, were half-priced. Trouble was, there were people who were stealing from other people's trolleys when they found out that there was none left on the shelves. Pigs! So I just hope that there won't be nasty surprises for me tomorrow for the DP is giving 50 percent off on lingeries. Yippee!
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