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samedi, janvier 08, 2005

My Favorite Artist


Clémentine, our nearly-4-year old daughter is extremely keen on painting & drawing and she has a good imagination. I get a kick out of watching her paint/draw. She was exactly a year and two months old when she started showing an interest on drawing and that made me buy her first 24-count Crayola crayons set. The problem was she never liked them. Then I eventually bought her her first set of feutres (felt-tipped colored pens). Later on, Green Giant went home with an easel, gouache paint set and a 48-sheet pad of Canson watercolor paper for her. She was just as delighted as we were!

Well, it's not really that surprising, it's the talent I guess she obviously inherited from me (just kidding, can't even draw a duck! haha!). I had never really been an artistic person! De qui then, alors? From his papa, the Green Giant! Well, it's his profession.

One of things that's nice about Cléms is that it never occurred to her to write/draw on the walls. To think that she spends a lot of times drawing/painting ALONE in the living room (while I'm busy cooking, etc.), she's never tempted to do it. Ok, We told her once that it's "not the thing to do" and she understood, because when I was younger (so much younger than today) LOL, being the eldest in the family, my mother would ask me to remove the writings on the kitchen wall my little brother had effectuated. With my son, the same thing, I had rough times scrubbing the walls to the extent that I would be leaving them in a sorry state. But with her, pas de problème.

Voila. Here are some works by my favorite artist.

cléms' rabbit
a rabbit


the swan
barbie, the swan

jolie robe
Mc Bernick's daughter?

petit homme
petit bonhomme

tete's bonhomme

mouse in red dress
fievel's girl

Ses oeuvres d'art (her works of art), give me a happy feeling...her way of expressing herself... she's having fun! ^_^
Merci et à bientôt! ^_^ eXTReMe Tracker