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lundi, janvier 24, 2005

Napoléon Bonaparte à Las Vegas

How about a little history and a little escapade afterwards?

In 1804, Napoléon Bonaparte was coronated the Emperor of the French at the Notre-Dame Cathedral. In 2004, still reigning over the rest of the world. Year 2008, a Napoléon casino in Las Vegas.

Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821). Emperor of the French (1804-15). Coming to power after a coup in 1799, he defeated every European coalition against him until, weakened by the Peninsula War and the Russian campaign (1812), he was defeated at Liepzig (1813) and, finally, at Waterloo (1815). The code Napoléon remains the basis of French law.
Napoléon 1er
"He fascinates me, he was such a genius. Do you feel the same way?", wrote Andreas, a 16-year old Berliner in a German forum (napolé, a devoted to the first Empire., it's in Chinese these Napoléonists converse with one another, "Did you know that he was the first to foretell the boom of China?" In Russia, in Japan, same Napoléonic-crazes. In France, he's being praised for one of his signicant achievements, the Code Napoléon or the Civil Code. The year 2004 marked the bicentenaire (200th anniversary) of the Napoléonic Civil Code and was celebrated in 22 countries.

Hats off to the most popular Frenchman in the world. Capitalizing over the popularity of Napoléon Bonaparte, the American investors will be constructing his palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Napoléon Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas
The casino hotel of the future, The Napoléon (foreground, right). This is Green Giant's illustration for ça M'intéresse magazine, giving us an idea on how it would look like. Click here for a much better view.

This project is estimated at over $3 billions. The complex (here, modelled in its real décor) will accomodate, in the structure of 100 meters high in the form of bicorne (cocked hat), a hotel with 3000 rooms, a 10,000 square meters casino, a spa named after Joséphine**, a phantom train that will serve its guests discover the great battles of the Empire and a lot more. The facade is decorated with l'Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel du Louvre (Carrousel of Louvre's triumphal arch) and a replica of la colonne Vendôme (Vendôme pillar).

As for their business plan, the investors/entrepreneurs have estimated 40-million Napoléon admirers in the world. So for all Napoléonic enthusiasts out there and for those who simply adore being in a far-out place like Vegas, check this out!

**Empress. Previous name Joséphine de Beauharnais; real name Marie-Joséphine Tascher de la Pagerie. 1763-1814, empress of France as wife (1769-1809) of Napoléon Bonaparte.
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