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Why Frantaglais? Well, I came up with this title as my posts, from time to time, will be en français (in French), en anglais (in English), and/or en Tagalog, my mother tongue. In any case, you find my writing weak, just bear with me please or leave. This is my blog after all. No one forces you to read it.

samedi, février 05, 2005

Mon grand bébé, Koko

This is Koko, our 14-year old son. I've nothing much to say about him, except that he's a good son. He's a shy type but sympathetic and friendly. He's helpful around the house and a kid who would rather stay at home to read, play with his PS, draw or paint than to 'hang around' with other kids his age. He's active in sports and been doing really great in school, le premier in his class (hey, i'm just a proud mother no?). The only thing I hate about him is when he makes a face when I give him hugs and kisses... in front of his friends, hehehe...

He's got a little adventure lately. A French magazine, Geo-Ado, contacted him for this, en couverture (on the cover) of this month's issue. It's a magazine for teenagers. It's like the National Geographic magazine, it covers everything from culture, geography, science, technology, many more. Click here, here and here for more of Koko et compagnie's images.

Koko's been smiling ear to ear ^_^ because this petit adventure permitted him to buy himself a games console's (PS) latest model. Bien.
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